Certain events, such as natural disasters may affect your travel.

Travel Alerts

Below are links to information about how recent events will affect your claims. Following is advice regarding claims related to specific events and travel providers. Should you have any questions, please contact us on 0800 737 000 or +64 (0)9 357 3000.

4-Jul-2016 - Airport Security Strikes - July

30-Jun-2016 - Istanbul Airport Bombings

6-Apr-2016 - Cyclone Zena

21-Mar-2016 - Australian Airport Strikes

22-Feb-2016 - Cyclone Winston

28-Jan-2016 - Zika Virus

16-Dec-2015 - Bali Mount Rinjani Volcanic Ash Cloud

3-Nov-2015 - Mt Rinjani volcanic ash cloud

5-Aug-2015 - Mt Raung Volcanic Ash Cloud # Update 1

13-Jul-2015 - Mt Raung volcanic ash cloud

19-Jun-2015 - USA visa delays

27-Apr-2015 - Nepalese Earthquake

17-Mar-2015 - Cyclone Pam

14-Jan-2015 - Eruption of Hunga Ha'apai

4-Nov-2014 - Ebola virus disease

7-Aug-2014 - Hurricane Iselle & Tropical Storm Julio

18-Jul-2014 - Flight MH17

23-May-2014 - Thailand Military Coup

13-Mar-2014 - Cyclone Lusi

14-Jan-2014 - Important information regarding Thailand Political Protests

8-Jan-2014 - Important information regarding: Severe Weather in U.S.A and Canada