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Age of travellers

Age of travellers
  • Protect your domestic trip from the unexpected

    Protect your non-refundable flight tickets, prepaid accommodation, checked baggage or extra travel costs if you get delayed by bad weather.

    Rental Car Cover
    Just need rental car cover?

    If you are renting a car at your destination you can buy insurance just to cover the rental car excess

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    Use airpoints
    Use your Airpoints Dollars™

    You can use your Airpoints Dollars to purchase your travel insurance policy. Sign in at any time

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    Money back guarantee

    If you're not sure about your policy - you can cancel within 15 working days and get a full refund *

    Comprehensive Cover
    Need more comprehensive cover?

    Want more than cancellation and baggage cover? We provide more comprehensive cover for domestic travel, including an annual multi-trip option

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